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Our Story

Who We Are: 

We are HWH Construction Inc., a Southern California General Contractor that specializes in tenant improvement and hotel renovation. While we are indeed a dedicated team of professionals highly trained and experienced in construction, we like to think of ourselves more like a family. It starts with the right leadership. Our CEO and founder, Dennis Herold believes in integrity, treating people right, and exceeding our customers' expectations. This culture has permeated to our construction workers, who continue to harness a genuine, tightly-knit bond with one another. So it’s no surprise most of our construction crew has been with us for over 6 years.

In the Beginning:

Our founder and CEO Dennis Herold started doing construction work as Construction Service West; however, thanks to all our valued customers, we are proud to announce we our now HWH Construction, Inc., a California corporation. We initially serviced residential customers by pouring patios for new homes in Orange County. A few years later, our focus shifted to designing yards, installing swimming pools, and building room additions. Soon after, we were partnering with custom home builders focusing on designing and building large-scale landscape projects.

In 1995, we were contracted to install the landscape and hardscape of a 16,000 sq. foot home in San Juan Capistrano. In addition, we were hired to complete the building of the home’s interior and exterior structures after the general contractor had left the project incomplete.

This led to a direct referral to Windsor Capital Group. We were contracted to convert a rundown Las Vegas apartment complex into a luxurious Extended Stay Hotel. We not only completed the renovation on time but also assisted in completion of the building remodel. Upon the completion of this large-scale hotel project, Windsor Capital Group asked us to take over a hotel renovation for The Embassy Suites in Santa Ana, CA. We were later referred to the Hilton Pasadena Hotel. Both of the projects were behind schedule and over budget prior to working with us. After completing both projects within budget and time constraints, we had carved out our niche in the construction industry—hotel renovations

It’s a Family Affair: 

Dennis’ son Jacob joined the company in 2005 after completing his undergraduate studies at Chico State University with a bachelor of arts degree in economics. Soon Jacob was overseeing the residential work while Dennis was focused entirely on hotel renovation projects. After a few years, Jacob’s concentration moved into commercial tenant improvement (TI) work as it coincided with the renovation work; this enabled us to utilize the same crews and contractors for both types of projects.

Survival of the Recession:

In 2008 as the country spiraled into the second worst economic crises ever, our scheduled work and bids were put on hold seemingly overnight. With little work and only a few bids, Jacob decided to return to school to complete his master’s degree in architecture while Dennis returned to focusing entirely on residential projects.

Fortunately, work slowly started to pick up again and with a few hotel renovations in Montana and a couple of large TI’s in Orange County, we were back in business!

Where We Are Now:

Currently, HWH Construction, Inc is one of California’s most reputable hotel renovation construction contractors. As our customers continue to spread the good word about us, we continue to grow every year. Located in Orange County, California, HWH Construction, Inc serves primarily in the commercial construction industry. Our clients come from from a wide range of industries including but not limited to; Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, Large Office and Manufacturing.

With the collaboration of our bonafide leadership and dedicated construction crew, we will continue to meet time constraints and exceed our customers' expectations, which will ultimately add value to any hotel construction/renovation project we are a part of.

Our Team

Dennis Herold

CEO, Founder

Dennis has more that 40 years of progressive experience in designing, building and renovating large scale commercial and residential construction projects…

Jacob Herold

CFO, Director of Architecture

Jacob joined the company in 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in architecture and is a licensed architect in the state of California…

Richard Alvarez

Accounting, Office Manager

Richard joined our team in 2015. He has over 5 years experience in the construction industry. Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration…

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